stuck in limbo

Current Mood: retro

I've got several large boxes of things in my apartment that need to be... dealt with.

They're mostly from my high school years, and they're chock full of memories (good and bad and in between).  From when my parents split, from when I had my surgery, from when I started college, from when our roof got damaged and my stuff got soaked.  Stuff I should either get rid of or display, stuff I should donate or sell, stuff I should... process. 

Some of it's purely sentimental, and I lie to myself and say I've moved past it.  Some of it's childish, and I lie to myself and say I want less material things in my life.  Some of it's educational and I lie to myself and say I'll read this or use that some day.  Some of the things are trophies and ribbons and I lie to myself and say I don't care about those accomplishments anymore.  I feel like a hoarder, physically and mentally.

I haven't really used any of this stuff in years.  Hell, I've barely seen it.  The pragmatist in me says if it hasn't seen the light of day in that long, get rid of it.  It's weighing me down  Literally and mentally.

Instead, the boxes have been in storage, then other storage, then trucked to me and moved around from apartment to apartment, silent sentinels of a past life in stasis.


  1. We did this when we moved to our house, like after a year or two. Some of that stuff almost feels good letting go of.

    Move forward man, you can do it.

    Also if you have any video games you want to get rid of, let me know.

  2. I don't have any video games for ya but I also need to pare down my library X_X